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roof top solar installation

Roof Top Solar Panel Installation

Our roof top solar panel installation services are designed to transform your home and businesses into energy efficient powerhouses, thereby enhancing the quality of life. We use only top-tier solar panels and equipments to ensure long-lasting performance and optimum energy production.  Our team of technicians and engineers are skilled and trained to excellently execute every installation so as to delight you.

Grounded Mounted Solar Installations

We bring the power of the sun into your home with our ground mounted solar installation services. Whatever your energy needs may be, we are equipped to help you harness clean, sustainable and renewable energy.

mounted solar panel

Solar Battery Storage

With Scandpoint, you never have to worry about power outages. Our Batteries are manufactured with integrity and made to pass through the strictest test of performance before being rolled out. That is our way of ensuring that you can sleep with your two eyes closed. You can conveniently store excess energy and power your home or offices even when the sun isn’t shining with our cutting-edge battery storage systems.

Solar Maintenance

mounted solar panel

We realize that making the switch to solar energy solutions is an investment. We want to ensure that investment keeps yielding comfort for you. So, we keep your solar system running at peak performance with our regular maintenance services.

Repairs and Upgrades

repairs & upgrade

We offer prompt and reliable repair and upgrade services to ensure your solar system’s longevity.


Our daily activities are guided by clearly stated goals which all add up to our brand essence and the value we seek to deliver.

Clean and renewable energy

Reducing pollution by generating clean and renewable electricity using solar energy.

Energy Independence

Decrease reliance on non-renewable energy sources

Cost Savings

Reducing energy costs for residential, commercial, or industrial clients thereby facilitating long-term financial savings.

Environmental Preservation

Scandpoint seeks to contribute to the protection of natural habitats and ecosystems by reducing the environmental impact associated with conventional energy production.

Energy Access and Equity

Increase access to electricity in rural, remote or underserved areas.

Technological Innovation

Foster innovation in solar energy solutions

Public Awareness

Heighten awareness and educate the public about the benefits of solar energy, renewable energy policies, and energy conservation practices

Community Engagement:

Carrying communities along to enable them leverage and maximize the power of solar energy.

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